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• John Broesamle inspires community

By Perry VanHouten, Ojai Valley News, Nov. 30, 2018 edition

At a recent Ojai Valley Defense Fund event, OVDF founding President John Broesamle, is given the James D. Loebl Award. Pictured with him are OVDF President Peter Cantle (from left), Ojai Mayor Johnny Johnston, Broesamle, Ventura County Supervisor Steve Bennett and former OVDF President Dennis Rice. Photo by Misty Hall


John Broesamle describes some of the past environmental threats the valley has faced at the Ojai Valley Museum’s Town Talk, “Defending The Ojai.”

Ojai Valley Museum Town Talk, “Defending The Ojai,” by John Broesamle & Mark Frost

With thanks to the Ojai Valley Museum for hosting and Stephen Adams for filming this powerful event.

“Potter’s Journey” – Ojai Monthly article

“Saving Paradise” – Still Point Arts Quarterly article


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September 9, 2014, The Calming Vortex of Ojai

Whether for the storied electromagnetic forces or just the killer views, solace seekers of every sort have been drawn to this California valley since the 1920s. But lately a new wave of transplants have moved in, opening farm-to-table biker bars, small inns, and pop-up crafts fairs, cementing Ojai’s reputation as a nouveau hippie utopia.

Condé Nast Traveler

January 19, 2014, Legal defense fund protects Ojai Valley quality of life

A $700,000 war chest has been formed to protect the beautiful vistas and small town charm that serves as Ojai's main tourism draw from being overrun by commercial interests. Unobstructed panoramic views of nearby rolling hills and Ojai’s Topa Topa Mountains are threatened by large scale industries such as quarries, activists claim.

Ventura County Star

October 23, 2012, OVDF congratulates our founding president John Broesamle

December 26, 2012, Youngster knows what's important

I want to identify that fourth grader at Topa Topa Elementary School who received a thumbs-up this week for donating to the Ojai Valley Defense Fund the entire amount that he earned at his school's crafts fair. I don't mean to embarrass the lad, as he certainly didn't do what he did to draw attention to himself, but it was ten-year-old Tyler Vondriska, the middle child of Gil and Carolyn Vondriska.

Tyler undoubtedly knows how much the OVDF means to not only his parents but his grandparents, John and Kathy Broesamle, and he knows how hard the grownups in his family work to support the Defense Fund and preserve Ojai's unique environment. In coming years, when Tyler raises his own children here, may the Ojai Valley of the future still hold the same charm and one-of-a-kind beauty!

Ojai Valley News, page A3

December 16, 2012, We want to be ready for the next challenge that threatens the Ojai Valley

Since its inception in 2009, the Ojai Valley Defense Fund has raised more than $700,000 from 387 individuals and businesses of the valley. That number represents 387 people who love and care for the valley as we have historically known it and who have chosen to invest in its protection.
Ojai Valley News, Featured Letter

November 16, 2012, Contributions to Ojai's future have come from many sources over the years

I recently came across letters written 96 years ago that say a lot about Ojai's past and future. In reminding us how the Arcade was financed, they hint at how the Ojai Valley can be protected today for the generations to come.
Ojai Valley News, Featured Letter

November 14, 2012, Ojai Valley Defense Fund raises $25,000

Ojai Valley Defense Fund donors and guests were treated to a rare opportunity Saturday afternoon, as renowned photographer and vintage motorcycle and car collector Guy Webster opened his showroom for the OVDF's fall fundraising event.
Ojai Valley News, page A3

March 30, 2012, Why the Vondriska Family gives to the Ojai Valley Defense Fund

We give to the Ojai Valley Defense Fund because we know that it is imperative to be prepared, in advance. The Defense Fund serves as a community chest, a sentry waiting and ready to protect our valley and its future generations — our children, your children, and their children — from outside threats of a magnitude that would threaten our local economy, our environment, and all the reasons that brought us to live here in the first place.
Ojai Valley News, page B5

March 23, 2012, OVDF selected as 1% partner

The Ojai Valley Defense Fund has been selected as a nonprofit partner of 1% for the Planet, an alliance co-founded in 2002 by Yvon Chouinard, owner of Patagonia, and Craig Mathews, owner of Blue Ribbon Flies; 1% for the Planet is a growing global movement of over 1,380 member companies in 43 countries that donate 1 percent of their sales to environmental organizations worldwide.
Ojai Valley News, page A2

March 23, 2012, Why Betsy & Aaron Clapp give to the Ojai Valley Defense Fund

We give to the Ojai Valley Defense Fund because we cherish this valley and believe it is our moral obligation to protect and preserve it for future generations.
Ojai Valley News, page B5

March 16, 2012, Why Michael and Elana Daley give to the Ojai Valley Defense Fund

We give to the Ojai Valley Defense Fund because it is a simple, effective way for us to protect the local economy and environment for our son.
Ojai Valley News, page B5

March 7, 2012, OVDF applauds local talent

Appreciation is given to the Foundation for Grandparenting and the cast and crew of “The Nanas and the Papas II … Legacy” for highlighting the Defense Fund’s role in protecting the Ojai Valley as a place where our children and grandchildren will want to live long into the future. Letter to the editor by John Broesamle.
Ojai Valley News, page A7

February 17, 2012, Why Sonia Nordenson gives to the Ojai Valley Defense Fund

I give to the Ojai Valley Defense Fund because, on this entire planet, there is and will only ever be just one rare and precious Ojai Valley.
Ojai Valley News, page B5

January 17, 2011, OVDF reaches half-million-dollar mark to defend Ojai

"Most communities have already gone south. What’s there left to save? They’ve got their mines, their strip malls and box stores, and there’s nothing left to save. Thanks to some scrappy, crafty individuals, we’ve prevented that from happening here."
Ojai Valley News Visitor Guide

December 23, 2011, Defense Fund backs F.L.O.W.

The Ojai Valley Defense Fund and the Surfrider Foundation announced that they support Ojai Friends of Locally Owned Water in its bid to remove Golden State Water Company.
Ojai Valley News

February 16, 2011, Decision Could Threaten Ojai

Great concern has been voiced over the city of Ventura's proposal to dramatically expand its boundaries northward. Guest Editorial by John Broesamle and Peter Cantle.
Ojai Valley News

December 2, 2010, The Art of Deter

Ojai Valley Defense Fund well on its way to raising $1 million for legal challenges.
Ojai Valley News

October 29, 2010, Broesamles issue matching challenge to fund OVDF

"Ojai's recent Noble Peace Prize winner John Broesamle and his wife, Kathy Broesamle, have offered a matching challenge donation of $20,000 to help bring the Ojai Valley . . .
Ojai Valley News.

October 13, 2010, Locals tour Ojai, see sights

"On Oct. 3, 14 Ojai residents enjoyed a special day hosted by the Ojai Valley Defense Fund, thanks to donations by some of its . . ." by Carolyn Vondriska.
Ojai Valley News

October 3, 2010, Ojai Valley Defense Fund Corporate Sponsors Provide a Day of Entertainment to Ojai Residents

"On Sunday, October 3, 2010, several Ojai residents enjoyed a special day hosted by the Ojai Valley Defense Fund, through donations by some of its key local business sponsors . . ."
By Carolyn, the Ojai Post

October 1, 2010, Noble Peace Prize goesto OVDF's Broesamle

"Cited in the nomination text as having worked tirelessly in defense of the environment since the 1970s, Ojai Valley Defense Fund founder and current president John Broesamle was selected as the 2010 recipient of the Ojai Peace . . ."
Ojai Valley News

September 10, 2010, Up, up and away for bird's eye view

"Desert Storm veteran and Ojai resident Gil Vondriska provides ride in the 'ultimate off-road vehicle' to see past threats to the Ojai Valley."
Ojai Valley News

February 2010, "We're Hoping to Protect the Ojai Valley's Future"

An Interview with John Broesamle, President of the Ojai Valley Defense Fund.
OJAI BUSINESS JOURNAL Volume 5 | Issue 2 | February 2010

October 19, 2009, Ojai group creates legal fund to protect town's character

"A group of prominent Ojai residents has formed a nonprofit organization called the Ojai Valley Defense Fund to provide funding for legal battles against developers and others . . . "


Helping to Sustain the Environmental Quality of the Ojai Valley.

News Release

(Ojai, Calif. – October 19, 2009) For anyone living in or near the Ojai Valley it's well known that the residents have repeatedly faced threats to their quality of life with such issues as the proposed Weldon Canyon dump, the state's plan to cut the Valley in half with a freeway, uranium or gypsum mining operations, and numerous other undesirable projects. All of these situations would have fundamentally harmed the environment and well-being of the citizens of the Ojai Valley. So early in the spring of 2009 a group of concerned citizens organized to create the Ojai Valley Defense Fund (OVDF), a nonprofit public benefit corporation organized under the California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for public and charitable purposes. The defense fund's purpose is to protect the future of the treasured Ojai Valley community, and in the process it could potentially serve as a model for other concerned communities. On October 18, 2009, the Ojai Valley Defense Fund was officially launched with an appreciation event for the Founding and Guardian donors at Casa Barranca in Ojai.

Since its inception the OVDF has already raised a quarter of a million dollars in funds from donors and pledges. The goal is to eventually reach a million dollars in contributions to insure the security of the Ojai Valley as major threats face the valley in the coming years. The OVDF is a carefully managed pool of financial contributions from families, businesses, and civic organizations that will provide financial support to groups undertaking legal action to protect and sustain the environmental quality of the Ojai Valley for the public benefit. However, to attain support an application is required that meets key criteria including community consensus, credibility from the applicant or organization, prior efforts toward resolution, exhaustion of group resources, legal standing, and OVDF board approval. As a legal defense fund, the OVDF backs groups that are on the "front line," so that they can concentrate on the threat and not have to spend all their energy struggling to raise money. According to President and founding member of the OVDF John Broesamle, "Simply by being here, the Ojai Valley Defense Fund may well ward off threats before they ever arise. With the Fund in place, outsiders will think twice before acting without regard to the valley's welfare." News Release.

October 18, 2009, Ojai Valley Defense Fund Appreciation Event

Event for the Founding and Guardian donors at Casa Barranca in Ojai at the Pratt House. Below are highlights from the Event.

September 17, 2009, John Broesamle receives Ojai Peace Coalition Noble Peace Prize

Featuring the Ojai Valley Defense Fund, OVDF President John Broesamle receives the 2010 Noble Peace Award for, among other things, his work with the Defense Fund to protect the environment of the Ojai Valley.
Ojai Peace Coalition award