The Ojai Valley

Is Our Home

Help Protect Our Community

What do you want the Ojai Valley to look like 100 years from now?

Imagine a busy freeway bisecting our Valley, or a dump spewing filth into our air. Imagine a huge shopping mall sitting atop what is now the lovely Ojai Meadows Preserve. These are not imaginary threats. The Valley has faced them in the past, and it's certain that more such challenges will face us. And so, the question arises: How can we protect our environment and our quality of life into the future? The answer is simple, and it's the core purpose of the Ojai Valley Defense Fund. We must work together to create a well-supported community chest that is capable, when all other options fail, of backing groups that are willing to engage and fend off these threats.

Please join us in protecting the valley we share.

The environmental well-being of the Ojai Valley is important to us all.

The groups of committed and tireless community members willing to protect the valley for us all have energy and commitment, but they're financially outgunned by those proposing the very projects that threaten our quality of life. If we — as a community of individuals, businesses, families, and civic organizations — do our part by funding legal efforts to stand up to these threats, then we protect that which we hold dear, not only for now but for future generations. The beauty of the Ojai Valley Defense Fund's purpose is that it recognizes that we all live together and breathe the same air, regardless of our politics or beliefs. Indeed, our supporters come from across the political and social spectrum. The Ojai Valley Defense Fund truly presents an opportunity to work together and unite behind a cause whose fundamental purpose is to preserve and protect this place we choose to call our home. After all, the Ojai Valley is a treasure worth saving — for now, and for 100 years to come.


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