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Applying for a Grant

As our mission statement declares, the OVDF “provides financial support to groups undertaking legal action to protect and sustain the environmental quality of the Ojai Valley for the public benefit.” We have formed primarily to confront the truly massive challenges this valley will face in the future, as it has in the past. While historically these “macro-threats” have been mounted by interests from outside the Valley, this is not to say that we would not consider issues that do not precisely match this example. Essentially, we are interested in:

• Challenges that threaten the well-being of all, a great majority, or at the least a substantial plurality of the people of the greater Ojai Valley (Koenigstein Road to Casitas Springs);

• Issues around which a public consensus has formed within the Valley;

• Supporting front-line organizations that have exhausted all means other than those involving court or administrative remedy under the law;

• Supporting such groups only after they have exhausted their own financial resources;

• Ensuring that an issue is legally ripe, and that the front-line group has legal standing;

• And finally, backing groups that have established a credible strategy and that likewise have a credible leadership and support base.


Monies donated are managed by the Ojai Valley Defense Fund as a public trust for present and future generations. Financial contributions, while greatly appreciated, do not influence board decisions. If you would like to apply for a grant, please fill out the necessary forms below: